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Cabin and Lake Lot Water Wells

Water wells rely on sand and gravel seems.  Saskatchewan has regulations that are loosely followed by many contractors.  Every water well should be tremie line grouted and pressurized grout pumping into the annulus above the stainless-steel screens to the surface.  Red Deer is an excellent example of what NOT to do…

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Ground Water - A Quick Guide

The cheapest route is often a Sand Point.  It is generally an augured hole no deeper than 25ft and is usually very slim casing around 2 inches to 4 inches (outside diameter) t.  The intake beneath the ground is slotted plastic casing.  Auger and flighted stem is the most common install and drilling muds are generally not required for such shallow depths.  If the hole collapses…

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Water-Borne Outbreak

There is no national surveillance system for collection of water born out break data for Canadians. Investigations of water-borne disease outbreaks are challenging because gastrointestinal illness are frequently underreported and come from multiple routes (person/ person, food-born, water-borne).  Canadian trends documented in

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