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Water Well Repair Saskatoon SK | Water Well Repair Regina SK | Water Well Repair Humboldt SK | Water Well Repair Melfort SLK | Wolverine Drilling Inc

Water Well Repair Honesty Breeds Integrity

We were called to repair yet another 4 1/2-inch ID well.  (We did not drill this well, we repaired another company’s well after the originally driller would not return calls.) Client was told by driller and reported 5inch on drillers report, he was getting 5-inch casing.  So, he ordered in materials like pitiless adaptor, and cap, for a 5inch well.  The materials arrive, backhoe begins work but when it comes time to fit, the plumbing materials don’t fit.  Of course, this occurs on a weekend. Now he has a real problem....

We came out with the correct materials, (we don’t install 4 1/2 casing materials in any of our Wolverine Drilling Wells) but carry it to correct this very problem.  We took the 5-inch materials in on trade.  We drove the 2 hours and assisted with the install.

You might ask... Why are people installing 4 1/2-inch casing with smaller screens and saying it is a five?   Well, casing is always measured on the inside diameter.  Drill reports don’t specify Inside or Outside.  So, it is easy to mislead clients and sell them undersized materials, and charge pricing for a 6 1/4 hole.  Leaving an annulus (space between outside of casing and borehole wall), 5/8 on either side of the casing.  This results in having to install smaller screens to meet the proper annulus dimensions for well production.  Smaller screens have less surface area, and in some cases the water flow velocity is increased, increasing silt and sand migration and encourages minerals to settle out.  This creates a twofold problem that can effect long term well usage.  In some cases, you must use smaller screens (depending on the depth of the well), deep wells have higher pressures.  So, if your generally under 600ft, 5inch ID is a much higher value for your money (also depended on the manufacturer of the screen and materials used).   By using a 5-inch ID screen, we require a 7 7/8-inch borehole (8-inch borehole) giving a total annulus of 1 1/2 inches on both in sides of the screens. Smaller annulus are much harder to grout evenly, sand and gravel packs are more difficult to be evenly distributed. Having a larger annulus helps any possible deflections if the casing must bend around a stone.  Installing pumps into a bent casing can be challenging when inline submersible pumps measure 3 3/4 diameter.  Leaving 3/4 of an inch to work with and in some situations the combination of narrow casing and screens cause and mineralization on pump can cause removal issues. 

High value option.... Larger diameter casing like 5-inch ID allows for larger diameter screens.  3 3/4 pump in a 5-inch diameter allows less trouble around pump installation and removal.  The 7 7/8-inch (8 inch) borehole has a larger annulus, to it allows for the casing to be installed straighter and allows a 1-inch tremie pipe for more even grouting and sand/gravel packs. Pump-able grout is what is recommended for sealing the annulus or to get bentonite chips into the annulus.  Bentonite chips are less likely to bridge with the larger annulus and grouting more uniform.  This seals the well to prevent future contamination.  Many well drillers do not have a pressurized grouting system.  Example: Cabin lots with many septic hold tanks are in close proximity water wells.   The heart of a well is actually the stainless-steel screens used.  This is the water intake of the entire water system.  Buildup of sediments and minerals that accumulate in the well as a result of smaller screens and poorly constructed annulus can damage the already small screens.  Investing in higher value in the first place is always the best practice.

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