Cabin and Lake Lot Water Wells

Cabin and Lake Lots Saskatchewan Wolverine Drilling Inc.

Cabin and Lake Lot Water Wells


What you should know about cabin and lake lot water wells .... 

Cabins and lake lots are often in close proximity to each other.   Cabins often have septic tanks and lots of trees.  Not a great combination in the long run but often unavoidable.  

Water wells rely on sand and gravel seems.  Saskatchewan has regulations that are loosely followed by many contractors.  Every water well should be tremie line grouted and pressurized grout pumping into the annulus above the stainless-steel screens to the surface.  Red Deer is an excellent example of what NOT to do.  The top seem of sand/gravel was sour and full of organic material.  The bottom formation was deeper but had excellent water.  Over time and lack of proper drill methods (like well grouting) the good quality aquifer became completely contaminated.   Here in Saskatchewan, homeowners who contract drilling are liable to cover damages if their well contaminated others.   Wells are direct lines into aquifers and once an aquifer is contaminated, it may never be corrected.

Wolverine Drilling Inc. is committed to working with you through out the trenching and installation of your new water well.  We will provide clear and concise measures for liability and safety for every one involved.  Wolverine Drilling Inc. is an experienced water well contractor with a vast history drilling, trenching and installing wells across all of Saskatchewan.  

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