Does Equipment Really Matter When Drilling a Water Well?

Does Equipment Really Matter When Drilling a Water Well | Wolverine Drilling Inc.

Does Equipment Really Matter When Drilling a Water Well?


Wells are excavated holes in the earth that are reinforced and structurally supported.  The main goal is to reach deeper water underground aquifers. Water is then able to be drawn with a pump, bucket or raised by hand.  

Water wells have been used by man dating back 4,000 years in China drilling with Bamboo and stone edges to cut 1,500 to 1,800 ft deep. Some wells were even speculated to be just under 3,000 ft.  Not all these wells yielded water, some yielded combustible gas and were called “fire wells”. The earliest American mechanically drilled well was drilled in 1808. Technology has changed since 1808. In 1860 a book was written by Swindell.  In contract, Romans before the birth of Christ were using hand dug wells for their aqueduct water systems. 

It is important to use new modern methods such as modern electronic logging with spontaneous potential Resistivity and Gama.   Newer models take measurements every inch so areas with clay lenses can be avoided and better areas with increased flow utilized more. We are then able to place screening to the inch rather than the closest foot. In areas where water can be hard to find, every inch matters.

If equipment and technology does not matter.  Let’s all go back to the Tandy 1000 computer or using an Allis Chalmers for farming or construction and highway repair. The reality is, advances are made and utilized because they increase productivity, save time and are often cost efficient in the long term.

 When Wolverine Drilling Inc invests in modern updated equipment, they are preparing to stay compensative, and provide the best possible product for clients’ long term. 

Wolverine Drilling Inc. services and drills all styles and types of water wells.  When it comes to water well drilling it is important to understand the local aquifers.  Wolverine Drilling Inc. is a year-round water well drilling company and has fine-tuning their expertise since 2003, proudly serving the residents and municipalities all over Saskatchewan. 

It takes alot of experience, geographical knowledge and modern technology to drill a well effectively and efficiently. Our goal is for you to have a dependable water source for generations.

Wolverine Drilling Inc.

Wolverine Drilling Inc.

We can make a cleaner hole, 0 to 300 gal per minute circulation, run a straighter hole a than most and boast the fact we have fewer mud rings... all this improves the opportunity of getting a better well.
— Why Wolverine Drillng Inc?

Wolverine Drilling Inc. is dedicated to working with you through out the drilling process to ensure clear and concise measures are taken for both long term well sustainability and over all investment costs.  

We are experienced water well contractors and have vast amounts of experience drilling wells across all of Saskatchewan.  

Please contact us directly at 306-682-4647 to discuss your options and the best process to follow for the decommissioning of your water well.

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