Woes of Dug Out Water in Saskatchewan

Dug Out Water in Saskatchewan | Wolverine Drilling Inc.

Dug Out Water in Saskatchewan | Wolverine Drilling Inc.

Dug Out Water in Saskatchewan

Growing up in rural Saskatchewan, relying on a dug out changed the direction I chose as an adult.  As a child I recall our dug-out water was yellow in spring, brown and even black in the cold months. It required massive amounts of chlorination or a product called bluestone to attempt to manage it. Yet I also clearly remember times in my youth where the water ran out. I remember wanting soft green grass as a child, as opposed to the dry yellow sticks that hurt my feet.  I recall visiting the households of my town friends and many had nice lawns.  In my naive thinking, I thought it was just a town thing until I went to friends who lived in the country and they relied on reliable deep-water wells.  I can’t be sure of my age, but I realized what I wanted and later became open to offering it to others.  Please don’t get me wrong. Dug outs have a place and a purpose, I just prefer that it is not my main water source.

Considering food, water, and shelter are essential for life.  The cost of drilling a water well is a relatively low expense.

Wolverine Drilling Inc. is dedicated to working with you through out the drilling process to ensure clear and concise measures are taken for both long term well sustainability and over all investment costs.  

We are experienced water well contractors and have vast amounts of experience drilling wells across all of Saskatchewan.  

Please contact us directly at 306-682-4647 to discuss your options and the best process to follow for the decommissioning of your water well.