Our Clients Are The BEST!

Our Clients are the BEST | Wolverine Driling Inc.

Our Clients are the BEST | Wolverine Driling Inc.

Our Clients Are The BEST!

Once a client....  

I received a call from tough rural woman.  She was widowed several years ago and currently taking care of her disabled adult son alone.  We spoke about her water needs. her location and her current water infrastructure.  She learned has a failing well that is approx. 25yrs old. Her finances are fixed, and she utilized excellent water management practices to maximize her water usage. She told me how much water she gave each chicken and how full her sink is when hand washing dishes.  She calculated her gals needed for washing, showering and toilet flushes.  This lovely woman knew exactly what her usage was to the cup.  

I send my driller out to see what he could do, as he was in the area already.  When we got there, we discovered that she had a new osmosis system installed the previous year.  Strangely when she called the local guy to assist with a failing well, he sold her a 10,000 system that was unusable. She required 6 gal per minute to back flush and her old well was producing less than.5 of a gal

She hired a contractor to repair her basement.  The wall cracked after the concrete was poured and the cracks were an inch thick. She replaced the furnace and was sold an undersized model that did not keep up.  As a result, her furnace was running on an auxiliary heater costing her 4x more. 

My driller left her home feeling shocked at the various questionable contractors she has worked with. My driller contacted the company that sold her the osmosis filtration and told the sales man that she is unable to use it.  If he would have checked her old drillers report, he would have seen for himself that this unit was not helpful in her situation.  The sales man told him that he too has bills to pay and hung up.

We made arrangements the upon completion of the job that brought us to the area to assist her with the well.  We ended up getting her a nice well that suited her needs perfectly.  We walked her through each step of the way. 

She called us months after the installation and asked if we could find someone to buy the Osmosis system.  She said with the water in the new well it was not needed.  She also had a question about her furnace and the furnace guy was not calling her back.  She thought maybe our guy knew a little about furnaces.   

Once a client.... always a client. We sometime get calls from past clients NOT because of a well issue, rather asking if we are in the area and have time to repair a clothes line in Raymore because she could not find anyone to help her and it was rusted tight. 

There was the time the hydrant handle was stuck in Good Spirit and she asked a few of the neighbors to help, but till they arrived she was carrying pails of water to the garden daily and it was getting to be too much work for her.

Or the time we were asked if we can draw them a map of the yard because they forgot where the cabin power line was buried on one of jobs in Little Ammoniate Lake. 

The customer in Tisdale heard a sound in the basement and they were not sure what it was - 3 years after the well we drilled for them.  He said he did not know who else to call, but knew my guy was knowledgeable and could likely help him figure it out. 

We had a call inquiring about the use/sale of equipment from a customer in Bruno, or because a customer of ours from Carmel saw a yellow truck parked on the highway property a few miles away and they wanted to know it if was for sale.  We receive calls asking if we have geese in the area and asked if we see any to toss him a text. 

We always enjoy hearing from past clients regardless the reason and always willing to help because OUR clients are the BEST clients. 


We Thank Everyone For Their Trust and Their Business!!  

Wolverine Drilling Inc.