Should You Drill Your Own Well?

Should You Drill Your Own Well | Wolverine Drilling Inc, | Well Drilling Saskatchewan | Well Boring Saskatchewan | Water Well Drilling Companies Saskatchewan

Should You Drill Your Own Well | Wolverine Drilling Inc, | Well Drilling Saskatchewan | Well Boring Saskatchewan | Water Well Drilling Companies Saskatchewan

For most of my adult life I relied on municipal water supplies. Which was a step up from my youth.  Growing up in agriculture we used a dugout. I will not lie... much of my youth we struggled for water. The dugout went through cycles of yellow water, black smelly s#!x, and even times of no water.  Growing up we had to balance washing a load of laundry or deciding to have a shower because the dugout well was very low in a drought period like the 85-89.   At times of abundant water it seemed to flood the banks and all kinds of surface water connecting sloughs together eventually ending in the dugout.  

As a child I would question my dad about chemical and bacteria getting into the dugout, I did not have a deep understanding at this time about contamination, so I accepted what I was told. While in university and after convocation, I received employment in rural Saskatchewan.   We relied upon a community town water well and the water source was considered deep even by Saskatchewan standards - yet the water quality was awful. We needed a new water heater every 2 years. We struggled with the effects of poor water, such as how it affects the copper piping in our lovely old house needed changed to PVC because we would find pin holes appear on all the bends of the copper tubing. Water tapes were constantly caked with mineralization. We looked into a treatment system for the house and decided on Osmosis for the kitchen.  I got used to dripping taps over time. 

A few years ago we took the leap to move to an acreage. Our well was existing, and the house is not new. It has some updates, but the property and access to reliable water was key for us. We knew if a new well was required the aquifer target is not overly deep (220ft). The location of the well is questionable.  I would not have put it where it is today, yet years ago when it was installed the previous owners had a different vision of the yard than what have made it into today. They never expected heavy equipment to be rolling through it like it has now. They did not expect a large parking station to be along side it. I love the reliability of my well. I water my oasis nearly every day in summer. My garden and front lawn are lush, even during a draught.  My kids don’t have to run on yellow, dead, pokey lawn like I used to as a child. I have a significantly higher pump rate than my town system supplied. I currently use an aging water softener that keeps the water bit nicer. My taps do not drip, and my faucets are not covered in a layer of minerals. The aging water softener still works so I don’t see a point in replacing it until it can’t keep up or dies completely.  I love the fact that I have no water bill. I love that I have access to a reliable ground water aquifer that supplies our indoor and outdoor water needs year around, at a constant supply with no real worries.  I still try to be water conscience, but the reality is... if my garden is dry I did not go through all the work of seeding, hilling and weeding it to let it wilt and die.  I like my kids running through the sprinklers and chasing each other with the hose. I like my yard smelling sweet with flower blooms early in the morning with a warm coffee in hand. I like the tiny humming birds stopping at bloom to bloom.  I like the hum of bees that buzz busily lapping up nectar.   I like the life that this well has provided for us. Having a reliable water source just makes one less thing to worry about.

Wolverine Drilling Inc. is dedicated to working with you through out the entire drilling process to ensure clear and concise measures are taken for both long term well sustainability and your total investment costs.  

We are experienced water well drilling contractors with immense experience drilling wells across all of Saskatchewan.  

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