Green Energy May Actually Be Gray

Wolverine Drilling Inc. | Green Energy | Winter Water Well Drillers Saskatchewan

Wolverine Drilling Inc. | Green Energy | Winter Water Well Drillers Saskatchewan

Industrial Wind Turbines can create vibrations that can migrate natural and fine materials that clog or stop water wells from producing.  This is a phenomenon that is well documented but often overlooked.  This will unfortunately leave many home owners no access to water, or having to purchase expensive water systems. It often requires replacement of well components and can result in heavy wear on pumps.

Saskatchewan currently has about 143 wind turbines and generate enough energy to power more than 70,000 homes . In 2015, the provincial government unveiled a plan to significantly expand wind energy in the province. ( Saskatchewan’s Plan to Expand Wind Energy )

Current reports claim that some people living close to wind facilities have complained about sound and vibration issues. ( Learn More About Environmental Impacts Here )

Although considered green energy, those who are unlucky enough to have wind turbines near them should understand that such systems costs are the responsibility of the home owner.

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