7 Tips When Hiring A Water Well Driller


Beware of …

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

7 Tips When Hiring A Water Well Driller

Wolvering Drilling Inc. is an established and trusted water well drilling company that has been proudly serving Saskatchewan residents and municipalities since 2003.   We take pride in our dedication to provide all of our customers with great service and high quality water wells constructed with superior materials and built to stand the test of time.  Over the course of our experiences we have encountered many customers that have been taken advantage of and we want to provide some tips when researching your water well drilling options.

Tip 1: Drilling companies are given the responsibility to complete the work with the best of their ability. The reality is.... some have better abilities than others. Companies that show up with old equipment in various degrees of maintenance may have the best of intentions, but things can head south very fast and leaving clients in a bad spot.

Tip 2: Check for the companies online and business presence.  Companies that change names often are changing their name for a reason. It is generally not a good one.

Tip 3: If a client contracts one company and company sends another, this is a red flag for me. First the reliability of the hired company is in question and the contract and workmanship of the second company is concerning.

Tip 4: Ask Q’s and get good quality answers. In many aspects your interviewing for the well contract. Be picky. Expect the highest quality for the cost.

Tip 5: Compare apples to apples. Check diameter of screens and casing specifics.  Not all are made the same.

Tip 6: Slow drillers and slow drilling companies can be concerning. If they have time to show up on short notice, they also have the time to drill and re-drill extra footage that may not be required. Good companies take the time to be prepare and have a large inventory on hand. Good companies are generally busy companies and have good list of referrals available.

Tip 7: Water wells are their only job. Companies that have side jobs and owners involved in shift work are not the best options. It often results in timeframes problems and well productions being rushed. It can also mean that if something is not working properly clients will need to wait till the next shift (often weeks away) before they can receive any help, and in reality, that will take time out of the next person on the list that was to be drilled in the time off.  Drillers are then often more interested in drilling another well ($$$$) than making sure the last well is working properly.   It also means that when their regular job requires them, the part time drilling job is put on hold.  Leaving clients wait the entire season.

Wolverine Drilling Inc. services and drills all styles and types of water wells.  When it comes to water well drilling it is important to understand the local aquifers.  Wolverine Drilling Inc. is a year-round water well drilling company and has fine-tuning their expertise since 2003, proudly serving the residents and municipalities all over Saskatchewan. 

It takes alot of experience and geographical knowledge to understand how to drill a well effectively and efficiently so to have a dependable water source for generations.  It is also important for one to understand the process and different types of water wells completed with the drilling strategy to increase success rates when drilling your water well.   

Please contact us directly at 306-682-4647 to discuss your options and the best process to follow for the drilling of your water well - regardless the season!