Being a full service water well drilling company, Wolverine Drilling Inc. also offers pump installation and service for your water well.  We are equipped to assist all clients and we are flexible  with what your needs are. 

An excavation is a hole left in the ground as the result of removing material common in connecting the pitless adaptor and laying the pipe /wire to connect well to house/cabin. A trench is an excavation in which the depth exceeds the width. Trenching and excavation work is inherently dangerous. We do request all pets be kept away, cattle and livestock be moved to avoid any loss.  Hazards include cave-ins, struck-by injuries, electrical contact, and slips, trips, and falls. We take no responsibility for injuries that can occur that no fault of ours. Owners enter the drill site location, and pump installation area at their own risk.  Soil type and previous and ongoing activity in the area are contributing factors for safety. Please be aware of the happening around you while on site.  

Water Well Services Saskatchewan | Pump Installation and Service 

Water Well Services Saskatchewan | Pump Installation and Service 

Length of time required for the job can very, and is generally based on the distance from the well, soil type, rocks and boulders encountered, and depth needed. Material expansion rate can very and at times a trench can have a large abundance of material.  It is best to hound and water the trench over a few weeks to help soften lumps and fill voids in the backfill to allow for more material to compact in the trench with less bridging occurring.  It is possible that some material may need to be leveled at an additional cost or some clients opt to level it on their own time.  Some leveling and reseeding of grass is likely.  For those clients who are interested in keeping costs low, and your wanted to manage much of the leveling yourself, just let us know in advance.  For the clients who want an immediate landscaped yard, it is best to wait a while for settling then contract or landscape after a few heavy rains or a good wet spring. We will simply tidy up, we do not landscape unless requested to do so prior and costs and equipment decided in writing.   

Underground line locates are the responsibly of the owner and required prior to drilling and trenching. 

We are willing and able to complete the entire install, complete the install along with the home owner, and willing to work alongside local contractors if requested.  Cost associated with this are the responsibility of the home owner, our costs will be upfront and provided as a ballpark in writing, contracting a local contractor will have their own costs unless we have made written arrangements prior to cover such costs and noted charge on the bill.

We are willing and able to supply all materials for the pump kit install if requested.  The cost associated with this depends on the specifics of the site and a basic ball park is provided in advance in writing.  We don’t have any problem saving costs where we can and will look over the system that is currently set up and see what can be used again.  If your interested in just materials and or you are interested in your own hook up; that is fine, we are happy to help.  If your needing more service then we are willing and able to any degree you require.  Just let us know where your unsure or having trouble and we can assist.

Decommission Abandonded Wells | Registered Saskatchewan Water Well Drilling Contractor

Decommission Abandonded Wells | Registered Saskatchewan Water Well Drilling Contractor

Well Contamination During Maintenance

Water can become contaminated when equipment like pump and drop pipe is placed in the well without being properly disinfected. This can occur during the construction of a new well or during maintenance when piping or equipment is laid on the ground.  At Wolverine Drilling Inc. we take proper measures to ensure this never happens.  


Wolverine Drilling Inc.  is an experienced all-encompassing water well services company dedicated to working with you for any of your water well requirements.  We conduct business with a high level of transparency and look forward to hearing from you.