Slow Well - Now What?

Slow Well Recovery | Water Well Pressure Testing | Wolverine Drilling Inc.

Slow Well Recovery | Water Well Pressure Testing | Wolverine Drilling Inc.


Water wells are unique, like people. The world is a big place and with a wide variety of water wells and a vast array of pump rates and hydraulic pressures. When a well is drilled and the pump rate is not as predicted, our best advice is to utilize water management practices for the water it does produce within healthy parameters for the aquifer.  So now you have a slow well - now what?

If the well is a duster, and no water bearing aquifer available (and elog providing the additional hard proof) would then be the next logical steps are to try again or one can call it quits.  It can be a tough decision and it is important to look at all variables before making a critical decision. Desperate people in dire situations, can and will likely request desperate things. A responsible driller should be transparent and share when the probability is low of yielding anything different than the previous results.

Wolverine Drilling Inc. provides well monitoring services using current and relevant technology required, as well as, log and record hydraulic pressure levels from a start date to end date.  

Well monitoring can be the installation of a monitoring well, piezometer or using an existing well to monitor aquifer water levels over a period of time. 

Wolverine Drilling Inc. is one of the leading water well contractors in Saskatchewan.  We have a great deal of experience with well monitoring all over Saskatchewan.

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