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Why Do I Have No Water At My Tap?

We get this type call surprisingly often and more often in the past three years.  Large diameter wells rely on shallower surface aquifers and are more dependent on precipitation. Problems can be complex, but in generally we try to determine specifics and narrow things down.   We talk about current water needs, and establish static water levels in the well. A reoccurring problem is…

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Cabin and Lake Lot Water Wells

Water wells rely on sand and gravel seems.  Saskatchewan has regulations that are loosely followed by many contractors.  Every water well should be tremie line grouted and pressurized grout pumping into the annulus above the stainless-steel screens to the surface.  Red Deer is an excellent example of what NOT to do…

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Ground Water - A Quick Guide

The cheapest route is often a Sand Point.  It is generally an augured hole no deeper than 25ft and is usually very slim casing around 2 inches to 4 inches (outside diameter) t.  The intake beneath the ground is slotted plastic casing.  Auger and flighted stem is the most common install and drilling muds are generally not required for such shallow depths.  If the hole collapses…

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Screen Size Does Matter
Water Well Repair - Honesty Breeds Integrity

We were called to repair yet another 4 1/2-inch ID well.  (We did not drill this well, we repaired another company’s well after the originally driller would not return calls.) Client was told by driller and reported 5inch on drillers report, he was getting 5-inch casing …..

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Saskatchewan Drought

The prairie provinces are no strangers to draught. From the Rocky Mountains to Hudson Bay are vulnerable to draught. It was reported that the Palliser’s Triangle in the south-west prairies was too arid to settle in 1850’s. The Dust Bowl of the 1930’s (Dirty Thirties) lasted approximately 10 years.   Prairie farmers are some of the best water conservationists as they depend on …

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A Call From South Africa

Wolverine Drilling Inc. was still willing to assist with his well, he explained his trouble with finding literature about his current system and apologized for trying to mislead me about his location.  He feared that we would not help him …

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