Winter Water Well Drilling in Saskatchewan

Wolverine Drilling Inc. | Winter Water Well Drilling Company Saskatchewan | Winter Drilling Saskatchewan | Water Well Drilling Company Saskatoon | Water Well Drilling Company Regina | Water Well Drilling Company Prince Albert | Water Well Drilling 

Wolverine Drilling Inc. | Winter Water Well Drilling Company Saskatchewan | Winter Drilling Saskatchewan | Water Well Drilling Company Saskatoon | Water Well Drilling Company Regina | Water Well Drilling Company Prince Albert | Water Well Drilling 

Water Well Drilling in Winter

Wolverine Drilling Inc. offers the best available materials and service for your winter water well drilling needs this 2017-2018 season. Offering the best is difficult when your equipment is cold, plastics are rigid and water is in the frozen H20 form.  Like all drillers, we lubricate with water.  No pun intended, lubrication is a good thing.  It saves our bits, it stabilizes the well wall to allow tooling like the elog to be utilized to best determine screen placement to the inch and allows for the casing to be installed.  Screen placement is important, it is the key to a well.  There are all kinds of screens available, in a variety of sizes.  The best is a stainless-steel screen, we always use a 5 Inch ID screen.  There is no point building a nice well to only use a tiny 3 inch or 4 inch at the bottom. 

Mud, like many things, can be messy.  Yet, we use a self-contained fluid recycler to clean silt, sand and cutting from our drilling fluid while controlling our mud at all stages.  We have a 200 gal custom pre-mix trough, 600gal plus of circuiting through desilt, de-sanding cones and trays shaking 10,000 inch and smaller into one direction, and 10,000 of an inch and larger into another direction.  We control all aspects of our mud and can divert to an area that is used less often or out of the way.  We know our muds and can watch in real time as sample is sorted.  This method of mud control is far superior to the traditional trough & flood method that many Saskatchewan drillers use currently.  If a well driller says it does not matter, that is a clear indicator they don’t have a fluid recycler.  It is like trying to combine with a nostalgic McCormick 141 vs using a modern combine of today. Sure, they both work.  Yet one is far superior to the other.  Self-contained fluid recycling is not common in Saskatchewan, yet we hold the crown for the largest in the Saskatchewan water well industry.

Many drillers use nostalgic methods and cut corners to save time in winter counting on cattle not complaining.   For Wolverine Drilling Inc. -  there are no short cuts.  The best route is often the long route.   Clients pumps and water systems need to manage the results of such shortcuts. In a couple years when your pump is showing excessive wear because of migration of sediments, the driller will not likely call you back nor pay for any pump repairs.  Anything worth doing, is best doing it right the first time.  Nostalgic methods are great in museums, old photos and history books, in todays water well drilling it is not good enough to be nostalgic. 


Wolverine Drilling Inc.

A year-round full service water well drilling company.  We have been fine-tuning our expertise since 2003.

For clients looking for the best in water well drilling.  Look no further!  Proudly serving the residents and municipalities all over Saskatchewan as the drilling company of choice.  

Let us be yours!

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