Why Do I Have No Water At My Tap?

Why do i have no water at my tap

“I have a Large Diameter Well.  What is happening. I have no water at my tap?”

I get this type call surprisingly often and more often in the past three years.  Large diameter wells rely on shallower surface aquifers and are more dependent on precipitation. Problems can be complex, but in generally we try to determine specifics and narrow things down.   We talk about current water needs, and establish static water levels in the well. A reoccurring problem is pump or pump controller failure or the hydraulic pressure in the aquifer has lessened in the past two dry years.  These are two vastly different problems with vastly different solutions.  

 Problem 1: Pump/pump controller problem.  This may require a replacement. If your entering the well casing be sure to be cautious of naturally forming gasses that can build up over time and can be deadly.  Secure any equipment going into the well and always have a spotter at the surface. 

 Problem 2: Aquifer is showing signs of stress.  This may require increase of holding capacity of water, and re-plumbing indoors to accommodate daily water usage,  it may require drilling into a more reliable target. Not all areas have an abundance of aquifer targets.  Be sure you have a target prior to drilling.  A replacement well may not solve the problem if the aquifer itself has a problem.  Know what questions to ask before you go the re-drilling route.  Cost can be significant factor to consider. Discussion of static water levels, and gallon capacities, and recharge rates are established.  

If clients are unsure, Wolverine Drilling Inc. can compete a site visit to determine options, and establish the parameters of domestic water needs and help evaluate the current water supply. Wolverine Drilling Inc. can be the boots on the ground to help get things up and running