What To Look For In A Drilling Company

Wolverine Drilling Inc. | What to look for in a drilling company | Water Well Driller Saskatoon | Water Well Driller Regina | Water Well Driller Saskatchewan | Well Drilling Company

Wolverine Drilling Inc. | What to look for in a drilling company | Water Well Driller Saskatoon | Water Well Driller Regina | Water Well Driller Saskatchewan | Well Drilling Company

What To Look For In A Drilling Company

When looking to drill a well for your property, there are many factors that will determine how much to invest and who to trust to do the job. So it is important for you to know what to look for in a drilling company so not to resourceful and ensure your investment stands the test of time. 

1.    Paper trails are key.  Drillers should be registered with the Sask Water Authority each year, professionally adhering to a level of standards and care when building, repairing, and decommissioning wells.  Drillers should be submitting geological data about each test and well they complete.  

2.    Drilling companies that know what is required to get the job completed will try to minimize any down time and take the time to plan ahead with a watchful eye; being cognisante of required equipment and machinery maintenance so to not to affect their performance and quality of work. 

3.    It is realistic expectation of drilling companies to have added services and the capacity complete even customized duties based on each client's needs.  For example: in some areas, where trades such as plumbers, electricians or trenching crews are difficult to find, so an experienced and reputable company may bring their own so to assure efficiency and consistent workmanship.

4.     Drillers that are sensitive to your investment dollars will take the time to looking at existing water systems and utilizing the items that are transferable so not everything has to be repurchased.  Cost effective practices should be utilized with each opportunity.  

5.    Customer service is vital.  Drilling companies, including the drillers and office personel, should call you back when they say they will.  Reputable drilling companies will give out their direct cell numbers and keep you updated to where they are currently working to help keep you in the loop for estimated arrival times. 

6.     The company should also be prepared to teach you about your system, and aquifer specifics, as it will be yours for the remainder of its life. There should be no guesswork or hidden information. There should be plenty of trusted advice should be as each situation can be very different.

7.     Communication is welcomed.  Transparency is critical so there are no surprises.  Good drilling companies are approachable, reliable and accountable. Practicing in both giving information and listening to site specifics.  Ask about proper installation, ask about troubles they have encountered and how it was resolved. Inquire about inventory they carry in stalk in the event they require something unplanned or something unique. Read non-verbal cues that may be pressuring you to make decisions too fast, or without adequate information.  Find those that are genuine. 

8.    Check their website so see if they are professional and are prepared to tell their business story. Ensure they have ample information, that sets them apart from their competitors. Active social media companies are often willing to share information, provide many avenues to access them, and can provide a line of credibility that can be followed.  Check blogs. Look for testimonials. Check their references

9.     Ask about their participation in ongoing training, and education in the industry. This helps ensure they will be around for a long time in the event you have any troubles in the future. 

10.    Professional involvement can also be an indicator or their commitment to be masters of their trade.  If they are willing to invest in the industry and learn more about technologies, applications, and utilize the best practices in the field.  It helps to gauge if their company is growing, has plateaued or on the decline. 

11.    Community Involvement is also important.  Do not expect your drilling company to be just another company and is all about their profits and bottom-line. Companies should give back. Companies should be expected to use a moral code of conduct and not be looking for shortcuts and grey zones and minimum expectations.

Wolverine Drilling Inc. 

We are a full service and year-round water well drilling company that services and drills all styles and types of water wells for residents and municipalites all over Saskatchewan since 2003. 

When it comes to water well drilling it is important to understand the local aquifers and have the expertise to provide a well that will serve the property generations to come.