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Water-Borne Outbreak

There is no national surveillance system for collection of water born out break data for Canadians. Investigations of water-borne disease outbreaks are challenging because gastrointestinal illness are frequently underreported and come from multiple routes (person/ person, food-born, water-borne).  Canadian trends documented in

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Water Testing Kits - A Cautionary Note

The Saskatchewan Water Agency is warning the public that water testing kits are being left on doorsteps.  These kits are questionable as the bottles do not appear to be sterilized. The main purpose of these kits is to have a private agency/business test the water and …

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What Is In My Water?

Water containing carcinogens like arsenic is odorless and tasteless.  Water testing is important for health. Water traveling through municipal and city utilities can take 3-5 day in old pipes before it reaches your house. Very often water wells offer a supply of reliable water in its most natural raw state.   Water wells should be initially tested to determine if the water

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