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Water Well Drilling Company in Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Wolverine Drilling Inc. is a water well drilling company serving Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We work for clients. Meaning we run modern drill methods that include large 600 gal fluid recycling, de-silting and de-sanding in conjunction with modern e-logging with SP, SPR and GAMA. We prefer good quality mud management that is mechanical vs …..

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Water Well Drillers

Not all water well drillers are equal. The basic water well drilling methods have not change for decades.  Many drillers in Saskatchewan today still use older methods of driller and old technology.  Wolverine Drilling Inc works for clients, so we run …

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Ancient Wells of the Past

The use of water wells has been reported to being used 4000 years ago in Syria and Egypt.  Not all parts of the world at this time were using wells as a water supply. It is suggested that yearly wells were first made in rocky bolder areas where a natural spring could be found.

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The Good Life

Sometimes, good things in life don’t just happen.  They are planned. Making decisions like living healthy, planning for the best and preparing for the worst. Where we choose to live and the choices we make along the way do affect how happy we are.

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7 Tips When Hiring A Water Well Driller

Tip 1: Drilling companies are given the responsibility to complete the work with the best of their ability. The reality is....

Tip 2: Check for the companies online and business presence.  Companies that change names often …

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Should You Drill Your Own Well?

For most of my adult life I relied on municipal water supplies. Which was a step up from my youth.  Growing up in agriculture we used a dugout. I will not lie... much of my youth we struggled for water. The dugout went through cycles of yellow water, black smelly s#!x, and even times of no water.  Growing up we had to balance washing a load of laundry or deciding to have a shower because the dugout well was very low in a drought period like the 85-89

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Water Well Drilling in Saskatchewan

There is a common attitude in Saskatchewan among those in the water well drilling industry.  “If this works, why do better?..... “

What we asked ourselves, how can I make this better? How can we do it more effectively and efficiently?

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When to Drill. When to Hold Off.

Asking all kinds of questions and being open to making decisions based on available information is ideal. Recognizing, understanding and knowing about 'what good well design is' can, and will help you with determine what you need or want. 

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Winter Water Well Drilling in Saskatchewan

Many drillers use nostalgic methods and cut corners to save time in winter counting on cattle not complaining.   For Wolverine Drilling Inc. - there are no short cuts. 

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