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Water Well Drillers

Not all water well drillers are equal. The basic water well drilling methods have not change for decades.  Many drillers in Saskatchewan today still use older methods of driller and old technology.  Wolverine Drilling Inc works for clients, so we run …

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Green Energy May Actually Be Gray

Industrial Wind Turbines can create vibrations that can migrate natural fine material that clog or stop water wells from producing.  This is a phenomenon that is well documented but often overlooked.  Leaving many home owners …

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What is Agrihood?

Here in Saskatchewan, Agrihood is developing and trending upwards fast as it a way to live a life potentially free of pesticides and remain in control of your own vegetables and fruit for you and your family.

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Ancient Wells of the Past

The use of water wells has been reported to being used 4000 years ago in Syria and Egypt.  Not all parts of the world at this time were using wells as a water supply. It is suggested that yearly wells were first made in rocky bolder areas where a natural spring could be found.

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Springs and Other Such Things

Spring fed wells that have a deep source are much more independent from surface precipitation of the water is following porous material laying between a harder layer of till or impermeable strata like following a crack to the surface.

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7 Tips When Hiring A Water Well Driller

Tip 1: Drilling companies are given the responsibility to complete the work with the best of their ability. The reality is....

Tip 2: Check for the companies online and business presence.  Companies that change names often …

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When It Comes To Screens - Size Does Matter!

When it comes to the size of your screen for your water well the screen plays a critical part in how good your well performs. So what exactly does that mean? Well, let’s first talk about diameter.

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Should You Drill Your Own Well?

For most of my adult life I relied on municipal water supplies. Which was a step up from my youth.  Growing up in agriculture we used a dugout. I will not lie... much of my youth we struggled for water. The dugout went through cycles of yellow water, black smelly s#!x, and even times of no water.  Growing up we had to balance washing a load of laundry or deciding to have a shower because the dugout well was very low in a drought period like the 85-89

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Benefits of Owning Your Own Water Supply

Wolverine Drilling Inc. receives many calls from clients who are currently hauling water or who are looking at purchasing property that requires hauling water to the property. Most customers are trying to understand all the benefits of owning your own water supply.

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Pipe Line VS. Water Well

We have noticed an increasing phenomenon develop.  Clients who are on pipeline water are distancing themselves a bit and choosing to go the route of a water well for a number of reasons.

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Water Well Drilling in Saskatchewan

There is a common attitude in Saskatchewan among those in the water well drilling industry.  “If this works, why do better?..... “

What we asked ourselves, how can I make this better? How can we do it more effectively and efficiently?

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Investment Cost To Drill A Water Well

The investment cost to drill a water well and provide a reliable water supply is never a waste of financial resources. The reality is, it is a utility service that increases the property value more than the costs of the actual drilling.

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What To Look For When Hiring A Water Well Drilling Company

Service is an important component to well drilling and should be a value add when considering who will be your contractor in your well construction.  Sometimes the cheapest price … isn’t the best price for many reasons. 

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 What To Look For In A Drilling Company

Drillers should be registered with the Sask Water Authority each year, professionally adhering to a level of standards and care when building, repairing, and decommissioning wells.  Drillers should be submitting geological data about each test and well they complete….

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What Pump Do I Need For My Water Well?

It is important to size your pump specifically for your current and future pumping needs.  Every water well needs a pump yet every well has the potential to have different operation systems specifics.

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Ground Water 

Prevention of ground water problems can prevent potential well problems in the future. Selecting your water well site is the start of prevention.  

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How To Develop Reliable Water Sources In Saskatchewan

Having reliable water infrastructure is the difference between having 40 head of cattle or
400 head of cattle. It means year around reliability with high quality materials, reliable aquifer

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When to Drill. When to Hold Off.

Asking all kinds of questions and being open to making decisions based on available information is ideal. Recognizing, understanding and knowing about 'what good well design is' can, and will help you with determine what you need or want. 

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What is Fluid Recycling and Solids Control?

When one drills a well, drillers use mud to stabilize the hole, cool the bit, bring up cuttings and
samples, create hydraulic pressure to keep the formation from collapsing. A good drillers mud will reduce.

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What Does It Cost To Dig A Water Well?

It is important to understand the process and different contributing factors in the drilling strategy to increase success rates and all the associated costs to dig a water well.  

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