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Woes of Dug Out Water in Saskatchewan

As a child I recall our dug-out water was yellow in spring, brown and even black in the cold months. It required massive amounts of chlorination or a product called bluestone to attempt to manage it. Yet I also clearly remember times in my youth where the water …

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Green Energy May Actually Be Gray

Industrial Wind Turbines can create vibrations that can migrate natural fine material that clog or stop water wells from producing.  This is a phenomenon that is well documented but often overlooked.  Leaving many home owners …

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What Is In My Water?

Water containing carcinogens like arsenic is odorless and tasteless.  Water testing is important for health. Water traveling through municipal and city utilities can take 3-5 day in old pipes before it reaches your house. Very often water wells offer a supply of reliable water in its most natural raw state.   Water wells should be initially tested to determine if the water

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