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Water-Borne Outbreak

There is no national surveillance system for collection of water born out break data for Canadians. Investigations of water-borne disease outbreaks are challenging because gastrointestinal illness are frequently underreported and come from multiple routes (person/ person, food-born, water-borne).  Canadian trends documented in

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Saskatchewan Drought

The prairie provinces are no strangers to draught. From the Rocky Mountains to Hudson Bay are vulnerable to draught. It was reported that the Palliser’s Triangle in the south-west prairies was too arid to settle in 1850’s. The Dust Bowl of the 1930’s (Dirty Thirties) lasted approximately 10 years.   Prairie farmers are some of the best water conservationists as they depend on …

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Our Clients Are The BEST!

I send my driller out to see what he could do, as he was in the area already.  When we got there, we discovered that she had a new osmosis system installed the previous year.  Strangely when she called the local guy to assist with a failing well, he sold her a 10,000 system that was unusable…

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Ancient Wells of the Past

The use of water wells has been reported to being used 4000 years ago in Syria and Egypt.  Not all parts of the world at this time were using wells as a water supply. It is suggested that yearly wells were first made in rocky bolder areas where a natural spring could be found.

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The Good Life

Sometimes, good things in life don’t just happen.  They are planned. Making decisions like living healthy, planning for the best and preparing for the worst. Where we choose to live and the choices we make along the way do affect how happy we are.

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When It Comes To Screens - Size Does Matter!

When it comes to the size of your screen for your water well the screen plays a critical part in how good your well performs. So what exactly does that mean? Well, let’s first talk about diameter.

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Benefits of Owning Your Own Water Supply

Wolverine Drilling Inc. receives many calls from clients who are currently hauling water or who are looking at purchasing property that requires hauling water to the property. Most customers are trying to understand all the benefits of owning your own water supply.

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 What To Look For In A Drilling Company

Drillers should be registered with the Sask Water Authority each year, professionally adhering to a level of standards and care when building, repairing, and decommissioning wells.  Drillers should be submitting geological data about each test and well they complete….

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How To Develop Reliable Water Sources In Saskatchewan

Having reliable water infrastructure is the difference between having 40 head of cattle or
400 head of cattle. It means year around reliability with high quality materials, reliable aquifer

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