Springs and Other Such Things

Springs Saskatchewan | Wolverine Drilling Inc. | Water Well Drilling Company Saskatchewan

Springs Saskatchewan | Wolverine Drilling Inc. | Water Well Drilling Company Saskatchewan

There are many theories about springs, some explanations about the phenomena are completely absurd while others are completely acceptable in certain cases.

Visibly flowing water from springs may be deep seated or superficial natural water drainage. Many are generally supplied by rain, hail, snow, which is absorbed and resurfaces at another location. Many represent the circulation of water. Often in times of draught these types of springs cease to flow.  Spring fed wells that have a deep source are much more independent from surface precipitation of the water is following porous material laying between a harder layer of till or impermeable strata like following a crack to the surface.  Increased rain generally makes no difference on the type of water quality and quantify from a deep source.  There can be exceptions to each of these outlined springs above, but this gives a general explanation. 

There are always more complex theories that account for water flow in areas like Thames where significant gravitational pull effects water movement. Likewise, areas in the Mediterranean where great evaporation from the sea is 5x more significant than water brought down from water-courses.   

For the purpose of this blog, let’s focus on more Saskatchewan lithology. We have areas of the province that have springs. These tend to be found in areas where the spring produces small amounts of water that are variable flow rates that are based on the season. These areas then to have an aquifer recharge that’s source has a higher elevation than the spring itself. Specifically speaking, but not limited to the Qu’ Appelle River, South Saskatchewan River, Last Mountain just to name a few.  We have a few areas in where natural artesian aquifers are compressed between two impermeable till layers and the water follows a crack where permeable material allows water movement to the surface. This type of situation is a bit rarer.  

We have been asked to drill where a spring is located. These wells have never yielded more that the spring was able to produce. For example: if the spring was measured to produce 1.3 gal per min at surface.  When we have drilled into it and used screening it still only produced 1.3 gal per minute.  There was no large water way available to supply more than was naturally occurring from spring.  If it is the only water available, then 1.3 gal per minute is great and can provide 1,820 gals per day with the proper management system. If situations where more water volume is available by targeting another formation then it can be more suitable to source water that is greater than 3 gal per min for basic domestic use, likely no management system is required.

Wolverine Drilling Inc. services and drills all styles and types of water wells.  When it comes to water well drilling it is important to understand the local aquifers.  Wolverine Drilling Inc. is a year-round water well drilling company and has fine-tuning their expertise since 2003, proudly serving the residents and municipalities all over Saskatchewan. It takes alot of experience and geographical knowledge to understand how to drill a well effectively and efficiently so to have a dependable water source for generations.

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