A Different Kind of Hero

Wolverine Drilling Inc. | Water Well Drilling Company Saskatoon and Regina

Wolverine Drilling Inc. | Water Well Drilling Company Saskatoon and Regina


I was considering what makes a Hero?  I decided it is someone who has a skill or knowledge to help others at times that are difficult.  It occurred to me that timing is also vital.  The everyday heroes that came to mind are police, firefighters, ambulance crews, surgeons,  and the special bystanders at an unexpected emergency scene.

I came across a quote that made me consider a different train of thought.  “Water is the most basic of all resources.  Civilizations grew or withered depending on it’s availability.” – Dr. Nathan W. Snyder, RalphM. Parsons Engineering.

This leads me to reconsider my definition of hero.  For those clients who are not living near a clean source of water, or travel some distance to haul water for bathing, and washing do spend hours working to sustain development where they live.  It occurred to me that a water well driller is a humble kind of hero.  I have watched my husband work in terrible cold situations dripping with ice water, I have seen him standing in the blazing sun at peek times of the day with no shade in sight.  We haul equipment late into the night, traveling hours at a time.  He has been called in when others have failed.  He drills for clients who want their lives to be easier, and he drills to find water at every site.  It is simple, water gives life and my husband works to provide it.

It is not a misconception that water well drilling is one the most valuable resources we have available to us in Saskatchewan and drillers are among the dirtiest workers.  I believe that not all well drillers are made equal, some can and do stand out. We don’t take for granted the service we provide and the broad spectrum of needs that we work to meet in Saskatchewan. 

If one can write about man’s great struggle for life and development it would include his search for food/water, shelter, and fire.

Racquel Hilbert
Wolverine Drilling Inc.